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As a full-service commercial printer, Impro Graphics has invested in the latest technology and printing equipment. Impro uses latest technology equipment’s for all your digital and screen printing to create high quality prints for all your commercial and non commercial needs.

Our printing equipment is configured for economical color pricing, whether digital color production or standard screen printing. Both print methods offer our print clients high quality printing with a wide range of color, but turnaround time and volume usually determine the production method.

Digital Printing

Mamaki JFX 200 2513 Flatbed

Mamaki JFX 200 2513 EX Flatbed

Mamaki UJF 6042 MKII Flatbed

Mamaki 6042 MKII E Flatbed

Roland Soljet XF 640

Epson SureColor T5270

Epson Pro Stylus 7800

Screen Printing

Semi-Automatic Flatbed Presses

M&R Renegade Semi-Automatic Press

SIAS Nova Semi Automatic Press

A.W.T  High-Tech 1626 Micro Semi Automatic Press

ATMA Model AT-60PD


SIAS Novapress, 25″ x 18″ Semi Automatic Press

High Speed Automatic Cylinder Presses

Sakurai SC – 102A II Cylinder Screen Press

General 11 (Pony Express) Cylinder Screen Press

Screen Making

NuArc Tri-Light Screen Exposure System

NuArc Ultra-Plus Instant Start 6K Metal Halide Exposure Lamp

American Polycop Vacuum Frame

Grünig G-Coat 404 Coating Machine

Custom Screen Inspection Station

Hydro Engineering Screen Washout Booth

HydroBlaster ECIN Model 1000 Washout System

Majestech 50″ x 96″ Top Lit Screen Wash Booth

Newman Roller Frame Stretching Table

Heated Screen Drying Cabinets

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