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Door Hangers & Parking Permits offer a great way to promote your brand! We offer various sizes and shapes with some for hanging on a vehicle mirror and others for traditional door knob use. If you choose to have us print your custom name badges and plastic luggage tags for you, we provide you the options of choosing many custom shapes and sizes. Inspection Tags are made for equipment that must be maintained and serviced on a regular basis. Keep your employees safe with maintenance record tags. These tags indicate when machinery or equipment is due for inspection, maintenance or repair, and inform employees about the status or completion of the process.

Door Knob Hangers

Door knob hangers are a real value for marketers. Very few other marketing pieces provide the return on investment that these tried and true marketing pieces deliver. Because we have the most competitive prices  for the most popular sizes and printing choices, ordering with us makes your door knob hangers an even better value.


Parking Permit Hang Tags

Hang tag parking permits are the easiest way for you to regulate your parking. Our design team allows you customize dozens of templates. Whether you are a school, business, apartment complex, or having a special event, you will be able to make the perfect hang tag parking permit.



Slotted Identification Tags

If you are searching for a partner to for the best quality printed event credentials, custom badges and laminates, you're in the right place. Quality is built into all of our printed items. All printed credentials, badges and security passes below include 1 to 4-color printed graphics on both sides, personalized data and numbering and even photo printing.


Luggage Identification Tags

Luggage tags are the perfect tool for building brand recognition and keeping your business top-of-mind. Customize your very own luggage tag! Whether its pictures from your favorite family vacation or your company logo for corporate gifts,  Use the editing tools below to upload your image, add text, and even choose your own colors. Include your name, address, and phone number if you wish to have those printed on the back of the tag.


Fire Extinguisher Tags

Designed to assist with record-keeping requirements, fire extinguisher tags from St. Louis Tag allow you to display safety and inspection details, annual maintenance history, and other pertinent information to employees and compliance inspectors. To ensure proper operation, safety, and efficiency when needed, both federal certification and state licensure requirements mandate that facilities’ fire extinguishers are properly inspected, tested and maintained by professionals on a regular basis. All fire extinguishers are required to have a securely attached hang tag that specifies the month, the year and the individual performing inspections, maintenance and testing.


Inspection Tags

The goal for any Safety Inspection Tag is to indicate to employees or auditors that equipment has been inspected and is in safe working order. These essential markers alert individuals to potentially hazardous conditions by informing them when equipment and machinery is scheduled for repair, undergoing maintenance, or out of order. Our Safety Inspection Tags are designed to accommodate various types of safety equipment such as AEDs, respirators, eyewash stations, air monitors, etc.

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