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Do you need access to our paper cutters, trimming or slitting machines to finalize your branding or graphics project?  Have you overflow work for trimming and slitting equipment that we might run for you?  The descriptions below of our equipment may help you decide if we can meet your needs.

Saber S-115 4Saber S-115 4 5″ Paper Cutter near me5″ Paper Cutter

Saber paper cutters are designed and engineered by Colter & Peterson and were first introduced in 1995. This industrial paper cutters utilize two heavy duty dual gear boxes to ensure powerful, precise cutting. Offered in sizes ranging from 37 to 62″. The SABER XXL wide format paper cutter brings the same excellent features of the SABER X-15 series to bear on your large format projects. For any job between 65-126”, the SABER XXL will be your go-to guillotine cutter. Its rugged build and precise microcut® control technology ensure that this SABER cutter will deliver accuracy, job setup efficiency, and durability.



Pierce Slitomatic 27” Back SlitterPierce Slitomatic 27” Back Slitter near me

For die cut labels and decals requiring a crack-and-peal adhesive backing, this piece of scoring equipment meets the new with speed and accuracy. The renowned Perf-A-Matic is more than a perforator. This versatile machine also scores and slits. Pierce Equipment’s scissor cut blade design provides high quality perforators, scores, and slits on stocks from onionskin through tagboard. An automatic, bottom of pile feeder and feed table slit adjustment provide continuous professional production up to 20,000 linear feet per hour.


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