Die Cutting and Table Cutting

Zund M-800 Digital Cutting Table

The design of the multi-functional cutter permits variable production workflows. Carefully thought-out material-handling options increase your production capacity many fold. With non-stop tandem operation, for example, loading, unloading and processing all occur at the same time.




Zund M-1600 Digital Cutting Table

The cutting head is controlled using a camera system for reading visual marks and a laser system for reference positions on unprinted media. The camera is also used for edge sensing, which is used to register blank sheets, including creasing corrugated sheets for PoS and packaging


Thomson Platen Die-cutter

Our Thompson clamshell die cutter has the capacity for a 30 x 40 sheet size in-house and we can outsource to our local partners for larger sheet sizes. We have the ability to die cut stock ranging in caliper measurement from .010" to .250" in house.  Floor standing model. Electric clutch & brake. Selector switch for single or continuous operation. Open dwell timer. Variable run speed. Operator safety bar, counter.


Brausse PE202 Clamshell Die-cutter

Our Brausse 38"x28" clamshell hand-feed die cutter + hot foil stamping + embossing. Max pressure 75 tons. Max speed 1800 sph. Safety guard and safety touch bar to meet North American Safety standards. Stable and dynamic cutting pressure. CSA approved electronic/electrical system. Electronic AC Inverter drive infinite speed control. Dwell timer at open & close position. Double micrometer infinite impression adjustment. Central Lubrication system. Special hardened die cutting plate.

Kluge 10 x 15 Die Cutter

Our Kluge 10" x 15" clamshell runs a wide variety of paper card stock and other materials. Will Do: perforating, scoring, die-cutting, embossing, numbering, and foil stamping


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